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I am Dr. Maria Ivanov. I am a trained ophthalmologist with a specialty in Retina. I graduated from Karolinska institute in Sweden. During my time in school, I conducted clinical research with some of the leading global leaders in healthcare. After graduating I went into private practice with colleagues. I formally practiced medicine for 20 years and was involved in various nonprofits that led me on global medical missions. I moved to the United States after marriage. Today, I live in New York City, USA and commit my time to consulting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop innovative therapies. 

My new book is now available!

A Global Eye to Patients and Doctors

Having worked all over the world, patients and doctors all ask me if I have some profound secrets to my clinical approach to eyecare. Yes, I have seen innovative medical devices and therapies from my global consulting with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. However, through all of my research, if we just focus on doing the basics right – we all win. As such, Global Eye stands for the universal patterns that patients can ensure they embrace to maintain healthy vision!


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I consult on various product life cycle stages from clinical trial planning, to medical messaging development for global physicians and patients. 

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    Dr. Maria Ivanov, MD

    Retina Specialist.
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